Autumn Delights: Unique Experiences in Albania


Uncover the hidden gems of Albania during the picturesque autumn season

1. Hiking in the Accursed Mountains

Embark on an adventurous journey through the Accursed Mountains, marveling at stunning landscapes, crystal-clear lakes, and traditional mountain villages.


2. Exploring the UNESCO-Listed Berat

Discover the historic city of Berat, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with its well-preserved Ottoman-era architecture and ancient castle.


3. Cruising Lake Koman

Take a scenic boat ride through the breathtaking Lake Koman, surrounded by steep mountains and turquoise waters, offering tranquility and awe-inspiring views.


4. Visiting the Colorful Town of Gjirokastër

Immerse yourself in the vibrant history and cultural heritage of Gjirokastër, known for its well-preserved Ottoman architecture and fascinating museums.


5. Sampling Traditional Cuisine in Tirana

Indulge in a culinary adventure in the capital city, Tirana, savoring traditional Albanian dishes like fërgesë, kackavall cheese, and byrek.


6. Paragliding over the Albanian Riviera

Experience an adrenaline rush as you soar above the stunning Albanian Riviera, enjoying breathtaking aerial views of the coastline and majestic mountains.


7. Cycling through the Lake Ohrid Region

Embark on a cycling adventure in the picturesque Lake Ohrid region, pedaling along scenic trails with stunning vistas of the pristine lake and surrounding landscapes.


8. Visiting the Komani Lake Hydroelectric Dam

Take a tour of the impressive Komani Lake Hydroelectric Dam, admiring its colossal architecture and learning about its contribution to Albania's energy production.


9. Wine Tasting in the Albanian Countryside

Indulge in a delightful wine tasting experience in the serene Albanian countryside, sampling local varieties such as Kallmet, Shesh i Zi, and Debin.


10. Exploring the Llogara National Park

Immerse yourself in the magnificent Llogara National Park, home to diverse flora and fauna, scenic hiking trails, and panoramic views of the Albanian Riviera.