Best Restaurants around Shkodra Lake

Shkodra Lake is a stunning destination in Albania, known for its picturesque views and serene atmosphere. While exploring this beautiful area, make sure to indulge in some of the best dining experiences at the local restaurants. Here are some of the top restaurants around Shkodra Lake that you should definitely check out:

1. Veranda Restaurant

Located right on the s... Read more


Best Restaurants around Shkodra Lake

The scenic, lakefront B7 Zogaj restaurant is located in the magnificence area of Zogaj village, 12 km far from Shkodra city. The Albanian traditional cuisine is served in an elegant atmosphere, created by the stylish design and the professional service that personnel deliver. The fresh fish caught every day from local fisherman is the basic of the fabulous healthy food prepared by the Chef. As the... Read More

Syri Sheganit

Best Restaurants around Shkodra Lake

Syri Sheganit restaurant is a must visit place while being in Albania. Situated at the Shkodra Lake, with an incredible panoramic view, it remains a hidden gem to be discovered. A restaurant where tradition and modern are perfectly combined, you will feel like home. Surrounded by the magic nature the food will taste better accompanied with the unexpected views that don’t require filters to look ... Read More

Pelikani Kaçurrel

Best Restaurants around Shkodra Lake

If it happens to be in Shkoder, visiting the lake is one of the beautiful attractions that the nature offers, but to appriciate this gem at its maximum, stopping at 'Pelikani Kaçurrel' restaurant is a must.  In our restaurant we offer a traditional - Mediterranean kitchen, mixed with the harmony of the nature, the incredible landscape of the lake, offering superb dishes based only on fresh ... Read More

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