Vlora, The Albanian Diamond

Vlora, the diamond of Albanian tourism
             The city of Vlora was founded in the sixth century B.C and its ancient name was Aulona. The city was mentioned early as one of the cities - the main pier of Southern Illyria, which flourished after the fall of Apollonia and Orik. According to archeological materials, it is proven that on the coast of Vlora, there are prehistoric settlements and economic-cultural developments of many towns and urban centers such as those of the "Caves of Velca", "The Written Caves of Lepenica" (one of the rarest in the Mediterranean Balkans), "The Caves of Spile" (Himara) or the "Mosaics of Mesaplik", a rare national treasure.
The most culminating event of the city of Vlora was November 28, 1912 when the delegates from different parts of the country, proclaimed the independence of Albania and at the same time raised the national flag in Vlora. Thus Vlora became the first capital of independent Albania after the fall of the Turkish Empire.
Vlora is beautifully positioned in front of the Karaburun peninsula, and at the same time enjoys the amazing panorama of Sazan Island, surrounded by rocky or sandy beaches that are washed by crystal clear blue waters. At the exit of Vlora, in the direction of the Albanian Riviera is also the place where the waters of the Adriatic Sea magically meet those of the Ionian Sea.
During the day, when the sea seduces with its blueness and its warm and playful waves, tourists have the opportunity to visit Karaburun, the island of Sazan with its pristine beaches by small ships or to take the speedboats and enjoy the Albanian Riviera from Dhermi to Himara.
As you walk on the magnificent Vlora waterfront enjoying the sunset, with its varied restaurants and bars, you should definitely visit "Kuzum Baba", the "Muradije Mosque" built in 1542 by the eminent architect Sinan, Kanina castle or Zvernec Island. The archeological parks of Orikum and Amantia, that are very close to the city, are something not to be lost during your visit to this diamond of Albanian tourism.