Tirana Airport Arrivals & Departures

Tirana Airport Arrivals & Departures

A useful guideline to flight arrivals and departures at Tirana airport in real time.
                        “A very good located airport”

Below the flight guide you will find all the essential contact information for the airport services.

Arriving in Tirana by plane is a very good option nowadays. The new build Tirana International Airport (TIA), is situated right in the heart of Albania and from there you can easily reach all touristic but also business destinations. It is quite a busy airport and everyday it keeps multiplying the direct flights within different European destinations.  The distance between the airport and the city center Tirana is 17 kilometers while Durrës (second largest town in Albania) is just 30 km away.
The airport offers very good parking deals, long term ones (several days) that are truly economic and free parking for quick pick up and drop off max 10 minutes.
When travelling to Tirana Airport be sure to give yourself some extra time for the rush hour traffic which can be intense some period of the day or during summer and winter holidays. Take extra 30 minutes of advance driving there, because as they say “better safe than sorry”.

To leave the airport towards your destinations there are these possibilities for the moment:
  • By Bus
The “Rinas Express Bus” that operates both ways as a daily service from the airport to Tirana city center at “Pallati Kultures”. The trip lasts about 25 minutes and costs 300 hundred lek/ 2.5 euro. The bus leaves every hour, from both destinations on fixed hours. The first bus from Tirana leaves at 07.00 and the first one leaving Airport is 08.00 o’clock. The last bus leaves Tirana 23.00 and the last one from Airport is 24.00 o’clock.
  • By taxi
The taxi service at Tirana Airport is offered from ATEX shpk.
www.atex.com is the taxi webpage and everybody can book a taxi online direct from there.
  • By “rent a car”
There are several companies offering a car hire at the airport, both international and domestic but you must check with our webpage www.myguide-albania.com at car hire section for renting a car and you will be surprised from the very good deals that you will get offered (less than 70% of the normal price).
  • The train connection is under construction and soon is going to be ready. This will be another added possibility to reach your destination. Please be in touch for the latest news.
Essential information and contacts

Email: info@tirana-airport.com
Call center: +355 69 70 81 800

Lost & found
Tel: +355 4 2381 681, +355 4 2381 682
Mobile: +355 69 20 66626
E-mail: lost&found@tirana-airport.com

Cargo on duty
Tel. +355 4 2381 713/712 
Cel: +355 69 40 06319
Fax. +355 4 2381 538
E-mail: Tia-Cargo-Export@tirana-airport.com, Tia-Cargo-Import@tirana-airport.com 

Passenger with reduce mobility service
Tel. +355 4 2381 754
E-Mail: prm@tirana-airport.com
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