The three mountain lakes of Northern Albania

The unforgettable cruise

Enjoy the magic of an unforgettable cruise among the three mountain lakes of Northern Albania
Lake Vau i Dejes offers visitors the mysteries of antiquity, the pleasure of fishing, boating or swimming in crystal clear waters. Vau i Dejes was a medieval town built around the XI-XII centuries, where the Drini River descends steeply from the northern highlands. One of the attractions of this lake is the church of Shurdhah, more than a thousand years old, surrounded by the waters of the lake created by the hydroelectric dam. You should never miss the mystery of a church surrounded by the waters of this lake. Restaurants built along the shores of the lake offer traditional cuisine. After a swim in the crystal clear waters, where the blue of the sky and the lake become one, the delicious lunch will be enjoyed immensely.
Lake Koman is a continuation of Lake Vau i Dejes, so it should not be missed if you want to discover another gem of Albanian nature. This lake is surrounded by dense forests, located between the vertical slopes of the mountains. In addition to the Drin, the lake is fed by the Shala and Valbona rivers, which makes the lake water cleaner and cooler. Sailing along steep canyons leaves you speechless. The fabolous journey on Lake Koman passes through mountains that reach 1000-1500 meters in height and from their caves sometimes flocks of wild pigeons fly.
Archaeological discoveries in Koman have uncovered a civilization dating back to the VI-VIII centuries, so a visit to the Dalmatian castle is a unique attraction of this area.
One of the other wonders of this area is the river Shala, which originates at the foot of the Alps and flows into Lake Koman. This mountain river, with crystal clear water and cold ice is rich in trout. One day sailing along the Shala River is never long enough.
Fierza Lake was created in function of the hydropower plant of the same name. The cold waters and steep cliffs that enclose the entire lake in a natural funnel have a wild and rare beauty. From Komani to Bajram Curri you can sail through the lake of Fierza, from where you can photograph the unique views that will fascinate you. Aquatic mammals that live in the waters of Lake Fierza are otters, which make your voyage even more emotional.