Shkodra, the city of bicycles that surprises you with its mysteries and fabulous beauties

Shkodra, the city of bicycles that surprises you with its mysteries and fabulous beauties
Shkodra, the northern city, one of the oldest in the Balkans, is thought to date back to the 4th century BC. Surrounded by high mountains, crossed by three rivers (Drini, Buna and Kiri) and fondled by the magic of the lake, this city is a destination not to be missed.
 Located in such a geographical position, about 90 km away from Tirana, the capital of Albania, it has two axes connecting it with Montenegro, Hani e Hotit and Muriqani.
Shkodra enables diverse tourist visits to enjoy several types of landscapes at a not too far distance from each other. From Shkodra you can enjoy the pine forests of Razma, about 42 km away, you can be enchanted by the unique panorama offered from Boga, about 48 km away, or you can travel to Velipoja to enjoy the pleasure of the Adriatic coast, about 32 km from Shkodra, not forgetting the seductive panorama of Lake Shkodra, with its villages well known for their culinary originality, only 8-9 km away from the city center.
A legend that cradles the city like a lullaby
At the entrance of the city stands the magnificent castle, which, based on the oldest evidence discovered, is thought to have its origins in the IV century BC. The legend of "Rozafa" Castle has added mystery to this castle, as every visitor can be enchanted by the "milk" that flows from the millennial walls. If you really want to enjoy this magic, you can go on foot to visit the castle, which is very close to the city center. Shkodra Castle is the symbol of this ancient city and positioned between the rivers and the lake, it fascinates you with its grandeur, the mystery of legends, as well as the rare view that is offered by its walls.
Beneath the castle walls is the Lead Mosque, an architectural and historical marvel, the oldest and largest in all of Albania, built of stone, since 1773.
Shkodra, the city that sails among the blue waters
Shkodra is surrounded by three rivers, Buna, Drini and Kiri, and is reflected on the stunning surface of the largest lake in the Balkans. This incredible landscape makes this city one of the most beautiful in Albania.
You can visit Shiroka, the tourist village located by the lake. Shiroka has its origins ten centuries ago. The amazing panorama of the lake with fishermen at the foot of Tarabosh Mountain is an attraction that should not be left without enjoying. The characteristic cuisine of lakeside restaurants is well-known throughout the country.
Destinations not to be missed are the canyons of Kiri. This mountain river flows from the Alps and the stunning views of its rocky bed are unique. Built at the foot of the cliffs, some traditional restaurants offer organic food, as well as a stunning panorama.
The cradle of photography
The history of photography in Albania begins in Shkoder, with the initiative of the Italian Pietro Marubi, who opened the first photography studio in 1856, a time when Europe only a few years ago had known the wonderful art of photography.
The National Museum of Photography "Marubi" preserves and promotes the values ​​of a photographic collection of more than five hundred thousand negatives, from the second half of the 19th century to the end of the 20th century.
The “Marubi” National Museum of Photography is located in the city center and is a unique attraction not to be missed.
The "Capital of bicycles"
If you visit Shkodra, the first thing you will notice is the large number of bicycles circulating in the city. This fact makes this city more attractive and clean. A bike ride through the old quarters with characteristic two-story buildings, narrow alleys exchanging indifferent views of Venetian shuttered windows and colorful floral balconies is a unique experience.
You can cycle through the old quarter of Gjuhadol, from where you can visit the Cathedral of Shkodra, which during the years of communism was turned into a sports palace or you can go to visit the museum house of Oso Kuka, which offers a fantastic architecture and antiques of rare value.
The city of traditional cuisine
You cannot come to Shkodra and leave without tasting the traditional cuisine of this city. The lakefront restaurants offer delicious cuisine, impressive views and absolute tranquility. You can have lunch accompanied only by seagulls or the splashing of dwarfishes on the lake. Fishermen supply these products with fresh produce, fresh from their nets, and there is no way that these dishes will not taste fantastic. The carp casserole and the tile stews are the dishes that you should definitely enjoy, if you plan to visit Shkodra.
The lake resorts, Shiroka, Zusi or Zogej, which stretch along the lake and the mountain of Tarabosh, are the most frequented by tourists, as the blueness and greenery merge between them and create an incomparable state of peace.