"City of serenades"... Korça is one of the most important cities in Albania; as well as one of the most beautiful. With its pleasant and sometimes almost aristocratic atmosphere, Korça manages to make all local and foreign visitors to fall in love with her. It has always been a tourist magnet not only for its center but also for the surroundings.
While taking a walk on the city's main road, "Republika" boulevard, you can see along its entire length that it is accompanied by buildings with a very beautiful architecture, slightly different from the usual one in Albania. Of course, there are also bars, restaurants and pubs. This part of the city brings a modern feeling.
During the walk around the city, you will definitely come across Mësonjëtore, the first Albanian secular school, now turned into a museum, a symbol of the city of Korça. It was opened on March 7, 1887 with the contribution of prominent figures of the nation.
The "Resurrection of Christ" Cathedral is a very interesting point. In addition to being the largest cathedral in Albania, it is also a symbol of the return of freedom of religious belief after the time of communism. The construction of this cathedral started in 1994 on the foundations of a church overthrown by the dictatorial regime.
The Old Bazaar is undoubtedly the most beautiful neighborhood in Korça. Narrow cobbled streets, beautiful buildings, cafes that come alive in every season of the year create a special panorama.
Rinia Park in Korça, with an extension of 100 thousand square meters, is special in terms of the variety of trees and vegetation. It was created 60 years ago to be the lung of Korça in the northwest of the city and is frequented by dozens of citizens of different ages. On weekends it is even more populated by family outings, tourists and youth sports activities.
Apart from the city, the villages of Voskopojë (22km) and Dardhë (17km) also offer a special tourist attraction. Here, in addition to the mountainous climate, with dense forests of pines and firs, and the presence of an impressive landscape, tourists can find parts of the history and heritage of the Albanian people starting from the period of Byzantine rule. In Voskopoja there are a considerable number of Orthodox churches and monasteries belonging to this period. During the winter, both of these tourist villages offer ski slopes to their visitors.
And the food….the dishes of the Korça cuisine are undoubtedly the most outstanding of the Albanian cuisine. Such are oshmari, lakrori me dy petë, lakrori with nettles, the delicious kernackas, characteristic of Korça, as well as many types of gliko.