Beautiful ALPS

The Beautiful Alps
The Albanian Alps are famous for their wildness and rare beauties’ that they offer. If you come to Albania plan to visit the tourist villages located among these high mountains. Boga, Thethi, Razma or Vermoshi are almost virgin areas, with forests, streams, caves and stunning views.
This whole area consists of mountains that exceed the altitude of 2,000 m. They are very steep and at the top are flat, where there are beautiful pastures, and rich in water that erupts from underground springs like the fountains of the fairy tales.
Separated from the deep valleys, the Alps resemble swallowing gorges, with forest greenery, surrounded by bare and gaping walls, by dangerous necks and jagged peaks. All this forms a magnificent and inspiring scene, which will soon become a unique tourist spot in Albania.
The heart of the Alps is formed by Jezerca Mountain, which is the highest mountain (2,694 m), Radohina Mountain (2570 m), Snik Mountain (2,554 m) and some other mountains over 2400 m. This area is otherwise called Bjeshk’t e Namuna (Cursed Mountains), based on their roughness and sterility.
Touristic Villages
The village of Boga, is known as a settlement since the XV century. The Boga Valley is of a glacial origin and as such offers rare beauties of alpine landscapes. The curiosity of explorers for karstic caves, as well as the lovely inns that offer accommodation and traditional cuisine, has made this village quite famous among the touristic guides.
Thethi village is located about 70 km away from Shkodra with latitude of almost 2500 m above sea level. The Shala River flows through the village, with crystal clear water and cold as ice, while cataracts and waterfalls descend from the mountains loudly and furiously. The lazy sunny mornings, in the fresh air accompanied with the tasty local food from there, is something not to miss.
Vermoshi is located about 95 km from the city of Shkodra. If you travel along the Vermosh valley, you will be fascinated by the beauty of two large alpine mountain ranges, which are covered by beech and fir forests. Before entering Vermosh you will pass through some lovely little villages such as Tamara with its bridge with a 500-year history, Lepushe and Kelmend.